Golden Bay Willow, Golden Bay Weaving

Go Willow! is a small operation, based in Golden Bay with a Golden Bay withy planted with 5 types of willow.

Our aim is to weave beautifully crafted willow coffins, stunning sculptural work, delightful everyday baskets and to run courses to enthuse others with the material and the craft.

Our speciality is willow coffins:

Our particular speciality is woven willow coffins: for burials, cremations and of course, natural burials too.  Our willow coffins are beautifully crafted, attractive and eco-friendly.  They are made in Golden Bay (New Zealand) with willow grown in Golden Bay.  This particular coffin has a willow lid with a central ridge made from recycled rimu.  Please go to the Caskets Section to see the specific colours and sizes of coffins that are in stock now, and available for immediate delivery.

We make baskets on commission

We are very happy to make particular baskets to suit your requirements, so please contact us with what you want.  We will provide a quote for the item and delivery to you.

Have a look at the many baskets and art pieces we have made for other customers on the following pages and commission one for yourself.

Living Willow

They can be used for planting out your own willows, or to create pergolas, tunnels or playhuts. 

We have just finished harvesting this year's living willow, and supplies are now finished, until next year.

If you want to buy supplies, have a look at the living willow webpage and contact me so I can put you on my contact list for 2016. 


Go Wild With Weaving Workshops  April 2016

The event is now fully booked, but I would really appreciate if you could email me with the course you are interested in, as cancellations do happen, and you could step right into the space.  Also you would be on my email list for next year, and be one of the first to know about the 2017 programme.  See all the details on the Go Wild webpage.

Contact me to register your interest and to go on 2017 email list.