Golden Bay Willow, Golden Bay Weaving

Go Willow! is a small operation, based in Golden Bay with a Golden Bay withy bed planted with 4 types of willow.  Our coffins are woven by three women, weaving together, with locally-grown willow.

Our aim is to weave beautifully crafted, eco-friendly, willow coffins, stunning sculptural work, delightful everyday baskets and to run courses to enthuse others with the material and the craft.

We have large and medium sized coffins in stock for immediate delivery.  Please ensure you leave about 4 delivery days for the North Island, and about 3 delivery days for the South Island.  We will endeavour to meet your requirements, please contact me as early as you can.  Telephone 03 5248 733.  Or email me at

We have created a little video to show you how we make our coffins.  

Our speciality is willow coffins:

Our particular speciality is woven willow coffins: for burials, cremations and of course, natural burials too.  Our willow coffins are beautifully crafted, attractive and eco-friendly.  They are made in Golden Bay (New Zealand) with willow grown in Golden Bay.  This particular coffin has a willow lid with a central ridge made from recycled rimu.  Please go to the Caskets Section to see the specific colours and sizes of coffins that are in stock now, and available for immediate delivery.

We make baskets on commission

I am very happy to make particular baskets to suit your requirements, so please contact me with what you want.  I will provide a quote for the item and delivery to you.

Have a look at the many baskets (for dogs, bikes, washing, the garden, handbags etc) and art pieces I have made for other customers on my other website and commission what you want.

Living Willow

Living Willow can be used for planting out your own willows, or to create pergolas, tunnels or playhuts. 

This year's living willow harvest is all ready to go.  

CUTTINGS of my 4 varieties (Green Dicks, Red Flanders, Noir de Villaines and Viminalis) are available during winter at $1 per 30cm cutting.

This year's LARGE LIVING WILLOW will be harvested at end June/July 2024 and should be planted out soon after arrival.  
2.5metre rods cost $4 each and  3metre + rods are $5 with transport extra.

Many schools have now planted out playhuts in their grounds for kids to have fun (see photo below).  The kids are often asked to design what they want and then help to dig the trenches, plant out the willows and tie them together.  A standard hut of c. 2m diameter and 2m height will require 50 rods. 

If you want to buy supplies for planting your own willow grove, a playhut or to plant an interesting garden structure, contact me, and I will let you know what supplies are available.

If you would like to go on our mailing list, and get instructions on how to plant out the living willow, please contact me

If you want to buy stock, have a look at the Willow Info webpage and contact me, so I can put you on my email list and let you know what/when supplies are available.

Go Wild With Weaving Workshops 2024

The 2024 event is held in Collingwood, Golden Bay, NZ.

Our next event in 2025 , our 12th is Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April 2025.

Please let me know if you are interested and want to be kept in the loop about dates, tutors etc.

Info about this year’s event can be seen at