Natural Burials

  • 13 September 2013
  • Nicola Basham

Natural Burials

On Thursday 12th September 2013, Go Willow! featured in a radio programme about Natural Burials.

In Tasman District there are two natural burial sites, one in Motueka and the other in Golden Bay.  Natural burial areas seek to be an area where there are no toxic materials and where the land is planted with trees to become a natural area for contemplation.  Bodies must not embalmed, clothes and materials should not include plastics or metal (ie. coffin handles) and the burial depth is at only 1 metre, to encourage fast decomposition

Willow coffins are the ideal coffin, as they are completely natural, completely eco-friendly and they have a leakproof, biodegradable cornstarch  layer and they don't contain any plastic or metal elements.

Here is the link to the Jim Mora programme

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